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Rain, Rain go away...

So, it's raining again? For us British folk it's the greatest topic of debate. Its either too hot, too wet, too dry, too windy, too too too everything. We're never happy. But for me it's a perfect moment to start my very first blog! How scary is that?

I'm delving into the unknown a bit and kind of hoping that if I waffle on a bit maybe people want to 'read all about it?' Or not...

So, I'm Susan and I love just about everything in the world of Arts.. Whether that's painting, sculpture, ceramics or very new for me glass fusing?

A couple of years ago whilst down in Cornwall I popped into a lovely little studio and did a glass fusing workshop, and WOW, I was hooked. The way the colours and textures formed when 'cooking in the kiln' was amazing. I created a simple little wall plaque that proudly hangs in my summer house in the garden. The beauty of glass is that it is indoor/outdoor. So, fast forward a few months after that workshop and I became the proud owner of my very own kiln. I started to grow my glass collection until I had an array of beautiful colours, and very soon started to make and sell my wares. I now truly consider myself a "glass addict!"

I hope to share with you a weekly blog of what I'm up to, creating and working on. So here's to my next visit!!

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